Go to bed earlier, have more sex…

If you want to have more sex in your life then hit the sack earlier. Obviously sex doesn’t just happen at night, in bed, at the end of the day, but often that is when we either expect it, hope for it or aren’t busy with life, kids and work.

Staying up late creates stress and tension and can lead to ill health over time. When we’re over tired or run down, the last thing we’re in the mood for is a full night of passion. If you want more sex in your life then you have to be willing to make the time and space for it and to make sure you’re awake enough too! Whether you’re on your own or with a partner, going to bed a bit earlier than usual means you won’t be as tired and will have plenty of time to get funky before Mr Sandman arrives.

If you make going to bed early a regular habit, then not only will you potentially have more time for sex, but you will feel more rested on a regular basis and therefore more up for it when the opportunity arises. Everyone’s a winner!

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