Get kissing!

Lots of articles and even books have been written about kissing. It’s a wonderful, intimate thing to do with the right person. You might remember that Julia Robert’s character famously refused to kiss her clients in Pretty Woman because it was considered too intimate?

I was sitting here wondering what I’d write about for my ‘sex tip’ this week when my gorgeous partner walks over and kisses me deeply on the mouth. He looked into my eyes for a moment, told me he loved me and wondered back to whatever he was doing. He does that a lot. Kisses me. For no reason at all, other than he feels the urge. Sometimes it’s a precursor to hanky panky, and often it’s just because he wants to. I love it!

So if you want to keep your libido ticking over, your desire for your partner and theirs for you alive, get kissing. Kiss before, during and after sex. Kiss for no other reason than kissing is so yummy to do. Kiss because it will keep you warm on a chilly winter evening. Kiss because your lips can’t wait to touch your partner’s lip, face, body. Kiss with wild abandon, with love and with passion!

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