Get in the mood with a hot steamy bath…

Whether you’re preparing for some sexy time on your own or with a partner, get in the mood with a luxurious bath.

Take the phone off the hook, lights some candles and add essential oils or bubbles to the bath.  Then put on some relaxing, sensual music and pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of tea. Take time to undress yourself as slowly as you would undress a lover – be slinky, sexy, and seductive then immerse yourself gently into the warm waiting water.

Notice how the water feels on your skin as it envelopes and relaxes you. Experiment with the feeling of different cloths, natural sponges, and brushes.  Wash your body as you would like a lover to wash you.  Allow the water to cleanse and clear all your stresses and worries. Sink right down, soak and enjoy.  When you get out of the bath, take time to dry yourself thoroughly with a thick luxurious towel and rub your favourite lotion or oil into your skin.


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