Eye gazing for deeper intimacy

Want to know how to deepen intimacy and add new depths to your lovemaking?

Look into each other’s eyes. Do it gently and with love. Get really present, so that you’re right here, right now with yourself and with your partner and then look softly  into each other’s eyes. Allow it to be more of a tender gaze than a stare. It might just surprise you how intense and erotic it actually is.

Take some time to connect with each other in this way before you start getting really intimate and then as much as possible, maintain eye contact throughout. Whether you’re taking it nice and gentle or getting a bit kinky, eye gazing will intensify your experience. It’s said that the eyes are the windows to the soul so when we take time to be present and look into each other’s eyes it offers us a deeper look at our partner and allows us to feel really profoundly seen and met.

Hold your partner lovingly with your eyes when they orgasm and see if you can orgasm while looking into their eyes. It’s possible that you might feel quite vulnerable and even find it challenging to look into each other’s eyes for long. So often we don’t look into our partner’s eyes and when we do, with love and care, it can be very intense. If you do find it challenging, take your time. Remember to breathe. Notice what feelings come up and see if you can just be with them. If it’s really uncomfortable, close your eyes for a moment, get yourself centred and try again. It might take some practice to get comfortable with it. That’s fine. Stick with it. Eventually you will be able to stay present for longer and the intimacy between you will deepen. Most of all, stay present, keep your heart open, and breathe.


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