Don’t forget to flirt…

I frequently hear from couples that their sex life has either become a bit stale or stopped all together. When I talk to them in more detail, it often becomes obvious that they’ve taken the focus off of their love life and turned it to other things. There are lots of things I could suggest to help folk get their love lives back on track and it would depend on the couple as to what I’d suggest. However, there is one thing that seems to help most of the couples – get back to flirting with each other!

Flirting might seem like something we do with people we don’t know, or are trying to let know we’re interested in, but flirting is much more than that too. It can boost your confidence, make you feel alive and connect you to your saucy, sexual self. A bit of flirting can go a long way in a relationship, so don’t let it fall by the wayside once you’re hooked up.

Touch your partner’s arm or leg when you’re speaking to them, make eye contact, give them a coy smile or send them a slightly suggestive text. Get back in touch with the flirty part of you and set them free! It’s bound to breathe some fresh air into your relationship and make both of you feel fantastic!


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