Do something out of the ordinary

Many years ago, I had a partner that often stopped at the pub on his way home from work. It was fine at first but after a while it became a habit and started to get in the way of our time together. What I really wanted was some intimate time with him. I tried talking with him about it, but somehow didn’t quite get my point across.

Then one evening, I’d had enough and decided it was time to show him what I meant. I put on the sexiest underwear I owned at the time – busty corset, stockings, lacy thong and very high heels, and threw my overcoat on top. Walking to the tube knowing that I only had underwear under my coat felt so empowering and very, very exciting too!

I got to the pub, (totally aroused, by the way!), found where he was and asked him to step outside with me. He followed and when we got outside, to a very busy road in Soho, I told him I wanted him to come home now. He said ‘Sure, just let me finish my pint’, to which I opened my coat wide and said, ‘No, NOW’. It took him, and some of the folks nearby, a moment to realize that I was standing there in my underwear on show for all to see and I meant business. Once he’d picked his jaw back up off the pavement, he grabbed his coat and off we went. We had a VERY hot night of sex and he started coming home after work!


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