Between the sheets…in the heat!

For a large amount of us here in the UK it’s been a scorcher the past couple of days and it’s set to be a blinding weekend too! In preperation for the mini-heat wave that the met office are promising us (fingers crossed), here’s a selection of products which will keep the flame of passion burning when all you’ll want to do is turn a fan on!

New from the creators of man’s best friend, Fleshlight, the FleshLUBE range includes ICE. A soft, natural and silky lube, it can be used with all your Fleshlight products or on its own! What’s more, Fleshlube Ice is a dermatologically approved lubricant that is delicate on even the most sensitive of skins. Its water based formula and high quality ingredients make it the perfect cooling experience during those hotter days.

A best seller to Sex Toys, the Spectrum Ribbed Glass Dildo is made from 100% hand-blown Boroscilicate glass which means you stick it in the fridge or freezer and it won’t break or splinter! This glass dildo allows you to indulge in some ice-cold sensory play as you glide this wand over hot, bare skin or dare to insert (after it’s reached room temperature) for a smooth, pleasurable sensation.

Smooth and shaped to perfection, these cool chrome balls are the perfect companion whether alone or together. Technically meant for kegal exercise, these ben-wa balls from the Fetish Fantasy range by Pipedream can also cooled down in the fridge and be used to trace lines along the body exciting nipples and other erogenous zones as the cool metal excites your hot skin.

Similarly to the metal ben-wa balls above, something as simple as popping a pair of metal handcuffs in the fridge will add another cooling dimension to love-making as well as cool you down! The technique of applying something cold to pulse points is a surefire way to have you cooled down in no time….now you can increase the heat in the bedroom a little more!

For those looking to get whipped up more than a Mr Whippy ice cream in the hot weather, this stunning glass handled whip is part of the Icicles range. Beautiful in every way, this icy flogger will melt your inhibitions away. Doubling as a glass dildo, this textured piece is will send shivers down your spine! Each Icicle is hand-blown to luxurious and unique proportions, whilst being body-safe and designed to last a lifetime! The attached bull leather Cat-O-Nine Tails is suitable for soft stroking or generous slaps – whatever your partner requires. Sexy and stylish, this flogger makes a fabulous addition to any fetish collection.

So there you have it, top tips and top products for when you want to be on fire in the bedroom this weekend…but without the pools of sweat!

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