Balls That Beat Wimbledon!

For two weeks of the Great British Summer we divulge in strawberries, cream and champers as we follow the tennis champs on the famous courts of Wimbledon. We love a good game of back and forth, with the almost erotic moans as the ball makes its way across the net…so it got us thinking about the balls at

Kegel balls are an essential ‘work-out’ tool for both older women or post-pregnancy ladies to aid in the tightening of the pelvic floor muscles. Strengthening this area can result in increased pleasure during intercourse and help with incontinence issues too. What’s not to love?

Obviously we’ve got a whole host of (Kegel) balls on offer, more than a Wimbledon ball boy in fact!! So it only makes sense to select our favourites and remind you of another form of pleasure which not only involves balls but lasts far longer too,  rather than the sport of the elite which graces our screens for a short time in the height of Summer!

Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Ben-Wa Balls

Smooth and shaped to perfection, these cool chrome balls will have you breathless with every step. Crafted from solid metal, these seperate balls work together to give you intense internal stimulation. Simply insert them into your vagina and prepare to experience unique sensations that will also tone your pelvic muscles. These Kegel balls are easy to remove and to use.

Vibe Therapy Fascinate Silicone Duo Balls

Get ready for some fascinating fun…with these Vibe Therapy Fascinate Silicone Duo Balls! These carefully crafted love balls are made from 100% medical grade silicone and ABS plastic, giving them a firm, solid feel when you place them inside you. Rock to and fro with them inserted for some delicious vibrating sensations. Entirely waterproof, these Duo Balls are easy to clean, with the external cord being made of silicone too. The Vibe Therapy range combines top quality craftsmanship with only the finest materials and design technology, to provide only the finest precision tailored experience for the more discerning woman.

Icicles Glass Ben Wa Balls

Brought to you by Icicles, these gorgeously elegant Ben Wa balls are made with glass-lovers in mind! Sculpted from borosilicate glass, these sexy accessories are designed to last a lifetime. These medium sized balls make them perfect not only for vaginal stimulation, but also for improved muscle control with regular use. What’s more, they’re hypoallegenic, non-porous and body safe.

Real Skin Ben Wa Vibrating Balls

It’s what you’ve been waiting for. Ben Wa balls are now vibrating! These 3 balls on a string are covered with Real Skin, a silky smooth material which is heavenly to touch. Take yourself through the four vibration modes by the simple push of a button. Great for anal or vaginal stimulation – explore your hidden desires!

Rocks Off Steel Love Balls

It’s the sensation on everyone’s lips, so why not indulge yourself and join in the fun? Every movement of your body will cause the Love Balls to move, quiver and stimulate whilst they massage your vaginal muscles. Love Balls, also known as Kegel Balls, will deliver untold levels of pleasure, while tantalisingly giving your pelvic floor a targeted work out. The more you use these deliciously steel balls, the stronger your muscles will become, resulting in an unexplored avenue of passion and sensual control with your partner. Each ball measures at 25mm and are tethered together by a sleek, silicone cord with safety ring.

Posh Silicone O Balls

Pretty in pink and perfect for pelvic floor exercises, the Posh Silicone O Balls are an essential addition to any toy collection. Coated in silkily luxurious silicone, these gorgeous Kegel balls are weighted just enough to give you a great pelvic workout and feel sensational when inside. Simply add a small amount of water-based lubricant and slip inside the vagina to feel the full feeling of these Posh O balls working their magic. Great for pleasure or to aid your pelvic workout routine. The added sturdy retrieval ring allows for safe removal after use.

Top Tips For Kegel/Ben Wa Balls:

Relax – It’s all in the mind, make sure you’re comfortable and completely relaxed before you slip your selected kegel balls inside.

Sensory – If you want a different experience, then why not heat up or cool down your kegel balls? Simply submerge in cool or warm water for 10-15 minutes to feel the sensation against your skin and internally. It’s a must for those who like differing sensations…turning exercise into something more pleasurable!

Work-out – There are quite a few work-out techniques online (and offline in books!) out there, all with differing styles and ways to incorportate using Kegel Balls into your sexual health and wellbeing regime. Try a few different techniques and see what works for you. Remember this is supposed to be a work-out, so a little effort will be required to get your pelvic floor muscles tightened. Results will also vary from person to person.

Take your time – Don’t rush. If you own differing sizes of kegel balls, start with the largest first and work your way down to the smallest. After all, this is about tightening your pelvic floor muscles, so to have either one or two small kegel balls inside as you move about will need more skill and bodily reaction to keep them in! They shouldn’t be uncomfortable though, so don’t put yourself through unnecessary discomfort for the sake of a tighter pelvic floor!

Use Lube – If you’re dryer down there, then add a drop or two of your favourite lubricant, being careful not to use silicone lube with silicone products as it can damage the item.

Feel the results – If you use kegel balls regularly, you should find that your pelvic floor muscles will tighten and result in increased pleasure and sensation for you and your partner


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