A little rhythm to improve your sex life

All of nature thrives on rhythm. The rhythm of the seasons, your body’s rhythm, even music is based on rhythm. There is a natural flow of energy that runs through things and makes them work. When you tap into this rhythm, or create your own rhythm something magical happens.

This also applies to sex. From the slow, erotic build up, to the potential quickening of energy in the middle, to the cuddling at the end there is a natural rhythm to most sexual encounters. Learn to follow the rise and fall of the energy being created between you and your sex life will become more ecstatic.

Most of the time you can just do what feels good and you will be on the right track. Remember, energy rises and falls, it doesn’t keep rising and rising and rising. In tantra, following this rhythm is often known as ‘riding the waves’. Like waves in the ocean, sexual energy also rises and falls, rises and falls.

If you find you’re struggling to find your rhythm there are a few things you can do to get your groove on:

You could each take a turn in the ‘driving’ seat. One of you be the ‘leader’ and one be the ‘follower’. If you are the follower, see if you can match your partner’s rhythm and pace. If that feels awkward or you just want to try something different, swap places.

Put some music on. As I mentioned before, music is based on rhythm. Find music that matches the energy or flow you want to create and have that on in the background. It’s a surefire way to help you find your flow.

Take dancing lessons! Something sexy like tango or salsa will definitely help with your rhythm in the bedroom. Tango is often referred to as ‘vertical lovemaking’ for a reason!

Learn how to drum. Drumming requires rhythm and once you’re able to tap into it naturally, you’ll be able to feel it better in your body. When you can feel it in your body it will instantly add juice to your sex life.




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