Would you agree to be the voice of a sex robot?

Terribly exciting news this week: a manufacturer has put out a call for people to record their voices, so they can be used as more ‘human’ outputs for sex robots. The idea is that you’d record the key phrases and words, and then consumers could download your voice as additional content, upload it to their sex robot and… voila! You are now inhabiting a humanoid sex machine, giving pleasure to whoever bought your package.

The Sun reported on this story today, explaining that:

Developer Dr Sergi Santos, who wants his £2,500 sex robots to be more than just silicone, has launched a website where customers can download custom voice packages for their AI lovers. Different voices, including romantic, sexual and even family-themed packages, can be put on a memory card and then plugged into the bot, letting owners change their personalities as and when they please.”

Honestly, I could not be more excited. I know it sounds perhaps slightly narcissistic to get tingly at the thought of total strangers shagging a robot which sounds like me but… well, that’s exactly how I feel. Tingly.

The thought of someone who I don’t know getting off to the sound of my voice definitely hits my kink buttons. And although I haven’t got the sexiest voice in the world, my unique brand of slightly lazily-pronounced words wrapped up in a British accent must surely float some people’s boats.

There are presumably down-sides: what if, for instance, someone you know bought a sex doll and then added your voice to it? If they didn’t know it was you they might have a bit of a shock when you start moaning halfway through sex and they recognise the sounds. There’s also that slight worry that they might use your voice for evil: training their sex robot to answer the door and moan orgasmically at the Amazon delivery driver as part of some hilarious YouTube prank.

But these down-sides pale into insignificance when confronted by my main worry: what if my voice wasn’t sexy enough? What if it was too annoying, and those who’d purchased with it got swiftly bored and swapped me out for something a little more sultry and seductive? I guess there’s only one way to find out…

Sex robots versus sex dolls

Sex robots get a hell of a lot of news coverage these days – I think mostly because we’re fascinated by things which look human but are anything but. The days of fake-looking sex dolls and companions are slowly drawing to a close (although if you have a specific kink for the more traditional sex dolls, they’re still available and much kinder on the wallet!).

Should you invest in a sex robot yourself? Honestly with my hand on my heart I’d have to say ‘no’, if only because we’re still in such early stages that the technology they come with is fairly basic. And they come with an absolutely whopping price tag: usually into the many thousands of pounds.

If you’re after a realistic-looking (and feeling) person to invite into the bedroom, then your best bet is a realistic sex doll. And by happy coincidence, Sex Toys has just started stocking luxury realistic love dolls.


If you’d like to make my dreams come almost-true, you could go ahead and name yours ‘Girl on the Net.’ Hey – it can’t hurt to ask…

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