World Cup puts a strain on relationships

British couples could find their relationships put to the test this summer as the football World Cup gets underway.

According to a survey by, ten per cent of people have broken up with a partner after a row over football.

A similar percentage said they expect their relationship to become more strained during this year’s tournament in South Africa.

Many women love football too, but the survey shows that it’s the ladies who suffer most because of the sport.

Some 14 per cent of men agreed that watching football will be more important than spending time with their partner once the World Cup starts.

The findings hardly come as a surprise. According to a survey carried out last year by Sports Interactive and Sega, men think about football more than sex.

Almost 60 per cent of guys said they reflect on the sport for more than an hour a day, while less than half spend this much time considering nookie.

Of course if their ladies were to dress in their favourite team’s kit…

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