Workers tempted by flings at office parties

It may be cliche, but it seems an office party fling is something that many UK workers are hankering after this Christmas.

According to a survey by dating website, some 45 per cent of employees who are either married or in a relationship would be tempted by a little romance at this year’s festive bash.

While some may have a specific colleague in mind, others aren’t so fussy, as nine per cent said they’d get it on with any co-worker who made a move, even an unattractive one.

A plucky 12 per cent said they’d share a snog with their boss if the opportunity arose.

Commenting on the findings, Louise English, marketing director at, said: “It would appear that the office party is seen as an ideal opportunity for many people to get together and spread the Christmas cheer, no matter what their marital status is.”

Meanwhile, research by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain has revealed that one in five young workers go to their work Christmas party with the intention of having a one night stand.

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