Women who dance ‘most fanciable to men’

There’s some good news for women who take dance classes – a new survey has shown that it makes them more attractive to the opposite sex.

According to research by sports and hobbies website Clubbz.com, some 89 per cent of men would be interested in a woman who dances.

The popular pastime beat yoga, swimming and cookery to take the top spot as the most fanciable hobby.

Female dancers who can gyrate around a pole can feel especially smug, as 49 per cent of guys said they would like a girl who can pole dance.

Perhaps that’s the secret to Eva Longoria’s relationship success with husband Tony Parker.

The actress recently showcased her skills on US talk show Lopez Tonight, revealing that her friend Carmen Electra had given her a pole as a present.

As for what women find attractive in men, it seems the WAGs are onto something, as football came out on top, followed by surfing.

Rock climbing and white water rafting also made the list, suggesting that women like a bloke with a sense of adventure.

But with photography coming in third place, it seems they also find creativity and sensitivity a turn on.

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