Women want sex while men prefer cuddles

A recent study has revealed that men require regular cuddles in a long term relationship in order to find happiness whereas women prefer regular sex.

Researchers have found that contrary to previous popular opinions about the subject, hugs and kisses were more important to the boys than the girls.

Over 1,000 couples were surveyed from 5 different countries, with their relationships spanning diffrent lengths from one to 51 years. 50% of the couples had been together for at least 25 years. For the women, the results showed that sex gets better after about 15 years together – not long to wait then girls!

Aged between 40 and 70, the couples were asked how many times in the last month they had kissed, cuddles, hugged, caressed and had sex with their partner. They were also asked about how happy they were in their relationships and with their sex lives.

Men who experienced frequent kissing and cuddling were three times as happy, on average, than those who snuggled less with wives and girlfriends. However, the women stated that these shows of affection had little bearing on their overal relationship happiness.

In the first 15 years of a relationship, women are significantly less sexually satisfied than men. Once couples have been in a relationship 15 years, their satisfaction level was stated to be 20 per cent higher than at the beginning.

Men were just happy to know that their partner enjoyed sex, and, in particular, that they had orgasms!

The survey of couples from the US, Germany, Spain, Japan and Brazil was carried out by researchers from the Kinsey Institute at America’s Indiana University. Lead author Julia Heiman said that the first 15 years of a relationship may be emotionally draining for women while they are raising children. As they get older, they have fewer pressures.

She said: “It’s possible that women became more sexually satisfied over time because their expectations change or life changes when their children grow up.

“The period of less satisfaction seems to overlap with the period of raising children, during which other things really take a focus.”

The findings about intimacy were the opposite of what researchers had expected, she revealed.

“We became interested in relationships that endure and how might we begin to understand them.  Cuddles were more important to men in predicting the degree of happiness.  The really useful message is we should not make presumptions about the genders.

“Because there’s no way to be sure we’re going to be right in any way.”

The study is published in full in the journal ‘Archives of Sexual Behaviour’.


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