Women want Rooney over Beckham

David Beckham was once football’s biggest sex symbol, but it seems he’s now been elbowed out in favour of Wayne Rooney.

According to the Sun newspaper, more than a third of women buying England World Cup football shirts getting the 24-year-old’s name printed on the back.

Personalised shirt firm Kitbag.com said 31.9 per cent of the women’s shirts it has sold so far have been emblazoned with Rooney.

By contrast, just 17.9 per cent of ladies have opted for Steven Gerrard, only 12.6 per cent have chosen Frank Lampard and just 10.1 per cent have gone for Beckham.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, cheating husbands John Terry and Ashley Cole are the least favourite players among the girls, with only 4.2 per cent and 0.8 per cent of women respectively choosing a shirt with their names on.

Kitbag.com managing director Ray Evans said: “Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve – women are wearing them on their backs.

“Love rats Ashley Cole and John Terry are in the bottom half of the league while doting dads Gerrard and Rooney are at the top.”

England’s first match will take place on Saturday June 12th against the USA.

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