Women want ‘designer vaginas’

A new survey commissioned by www.goodsurgeonguide.co.uk has revealed that one-fifth of UK women would undergo surgery for a "designer vagina".

The research shows that 24 per cent of women think the appearance of their lady bits is having a negative impact on their sex life.

Consequently, 22 per cent would have surgery to improve the look of their downstairs area.

When asked why they would be willing to go under the knife, 18 per cent claimed it could give then more confidence in the bedroom.

Childbirth can alter the appearance of the vagina and the research shows that one in three ladies would consider undergoing a labiaplasty after having a baby.

Younger women aged between 21 and 30 were more likely to go for vagina surgery than those over 40, the research revealed.

Of course you women have to opt for radical surgery to make their lady parts look pretty. They can just follow Jennifer Love Hewitt’s advice and "vajazzle their vajayjays".

In an interview on US talk show Lopez Tonight she said a friend "Swarovski crystalled" her vagina and it "shined like a disco ball".

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