Women place intimacy over sex in relationships

Women are far more likely to end a relationship because they feel emotionally neglected than because of bad sex, according to a study by Elle Magazine.

Almost half the women surveyed listed emotional understanding and intimacy as most important in a relationship and only two per cent put sex first.  And when asked for the most likely reason to end a relationship, 38 per cent listed emotional support whilst again, only two per cent cited sex.

According to Relate, the relationship charity, men rate their sex life as a much higher priority in a relationship than women do.  Experts there found women rated conversation and entertaining company higher than physical pleasures – while men placed sex much higher.

The findings should offer a stark warning to men who may have let their emotional side drift.

The research also threw up the constant threat that women feel from modern age communication such as text flirting and online sex.  Both were deemed as more of a threat than person-to-person contact.

Earlier this year, it was also revealed more than four out of ten adults have considered leaving their partner – while one in ten no longer trusts them.


1. Lack of emotional support – 38.1%

2. Relationship going nowhere – 31.4%

3. Other 12.9%

4. Partner no longer physically attractive– 4.8%

5. Partner not as ambitious or as outgoing as you – 4.4%

6. Partner wants to settle down more than you do – 2.4%

7. You want to settle down more than your partner – 2.4%

8. Poor sex life – 2.38%

9. Lack of financial support – 0.85%

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