Women on the pill live longer, study finds

For years scientists have been making claims about the long-term health effects of taking the pill, but now a new study suggests that women who rely on this form of contraception live longer than those who use other methods.

Researchers at the University of Aberdeen discovered that women who use the oral contraceptive pill are less likely to die from cancer and heart disease than those who do not.

Their findings were based on a study of 46,000 women and showed that for every 100,000 women who take the pill for a year, there are 52 fewer deaths, with the benefits increasing as women age.

Professor Philip Hannaford, who led the research, said it will provide some reassurance to women following a number of health scares relating to the oral contraceptive.

“The question that women often ask if they have taken the pill in the past is have I harmed myself,” he told the Telegraph.

“We can say with confidence that you have not harmed yourself and you may have given yourself a benefit.”

The publication of the study comes after a new male contraceptive, which tricks the brain into shutting down sperm production, went on trial in the UK.

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