Women like men with creative flair

When choosing their ideal man, it seems women value creative flair over money and, rather surprisingly, a sexy uniform.

According to a new survey by online dating service Parship, one third of British women would like their partner to be an artist, writer or musician.

By contrast, just two per cent wanted to date a banker, compared to 18 per cent two years ago.

This may come as no surprise, since the reputation of bankers has been tarnished by the recession.

But what about a man in uniform? The survey appears to bust the common myth that women drool over policemen and airline pilots.

Indeed, men in these professions would make ideal lovers for just seven per cent and nine per cent of women respectively.

So guys, ditch those uniforms, quit flashing the cash and don your paint-streaked overalls if you want to catch a woman’s attention.

A separate survey carried out by Parship recently revealed that seven million UK singles will use the internet to find love in 2010 and 1.4 million of them will meet someone special and start a serious relationship.

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