Women enjoy chocolate more than sex

A new survey has emerged suggesting that women would rather eat chocolate than make love.

Cereal brand Kellogg’s questioned more than 2,000 ladies and found that 20 per cent would give up sex before their chocolate fix.

Some 30 per cent of women said chocolate occupies most of their daily thoughts, compared to just 18 per cent who said they think about sex most often.

Over half of those surveyed said they turn to chocolate after a hard day at work, while one-third use it to help them calm down following an argument with their partner.

Four out of ten said they see chocolate as a reward for eating healthily all day and one-fifth use chocolate as an incentive to exercise.

Sally Tribe from Kellogg’s Fibre Plus said: “Our research shows women’s powerful relationship with chocolate, with many admitting they would even choose it over sex.”

The survey comes after separate research carried out last year revealed that women think about shopping more often than they think about nookie.

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