Women can be single and proud

Single women don’t have to feel like second-class citizens in today’s society, according to relationships expert Jenni Trent Hughes.

She said that in the last ten years or so, it has become completely acceptable for women to be on their own.

In the past, girls were expected to marry and have children early in life. Today however, attitudes have changed and women have more options.

“People are now waiting to marry someone or pair up with someone who they really want to be with rather than just because everyone says they should,” Ms Trent Hughes explained.

She said that historically it was considered OK for a man to be single, but not for a woman.

“It’s now our turn to be single and proud,” she declared.

The expert was responding to a survey by travel agency Just You, which revealed that 64 per cent of single adults are happy to remain on their own.

What do you think?  Can women really be happy about being single or are they always secretly hoping to find Mr Right?

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