Who needs Priligy when you have Heskey?

Just days after Priligy – a new pill for premature ejaculation – was launched, a new survey has revealed how men manage to prolong sex without the help of drugs.

It seems that all they have to do is picture England and Arsenal football player Emile Heskey to stop themselves from climaxing too soon.

According to the Sun newspaper, the 32-year-old sportsman is deemed off-putting enough to prolong intercourse.

Other common distraction techniques include working out what the Terminator film series was about, trying to solve maths problems, mentally reciting poetry and thinking about spiders and maggots.

Commenting on the findings, sexual health expert Dr Thom van Every said: "I am very intrigued by the Emile technique and I’m sorry for him because I don’t know why men think of him specifically."

So girls, if you’ve ever wanted to know what goes on inside your man’s head while he’s making love to you, now you do – a 6ft 2in bloke.

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