What will be the climax for the sex toy industry?

Sex toys are now so elaborate they sometimes leave you wondering whether it’s really necessary to leave the house, but they haven’t always been so evolved.

According to Now Magazine, the rise of the sex toy is one that has been shrouded in intimacy, secrecy and bonkers machinery.

Over 30,000 years ago women were experimenting with enhanced masturbation, a trend that has done nothing but gather pace over recent years.

“Evidence suggests that the very first dildos were made from such uncomfortable materials as stone, tar and wood and that – far from being kept a secret – they were celebrated in art and culture,” reports the magazine.

1870 saw the birth of the first motorised sex toy; the manipulator. Although consisting of a table with a whole cut-out and a vibrating sphere driven by a steam engine, it was a far cry from the twisting, shaking, gyrating alternatives of the 21st century.

Little over ten years later and the first battery-powered friends hit the market in the 1880s. According to Now Magazine, they even featured in mainstream culture until their introduction to the porn industry in the 1920s brandished them as unsuitable for civilised society.

But “nothing has been able to stop the rise of the vibrator over recent decades”, as the multi-function capabilities make them a must for “single women and couples alike”, claims the female magazine.

This year has already seen Roxxxy sex doll, the world’s first sexbot, introduced to the market, so the only question that remains is where does the sex toy industry go from here and when will it climax?

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