Volcano prompts eruption in infidelity

The Icelandic volcano has done more than just ground flights across Europe – it’s also caused an eruption in infidelity.

Married dating website IllicitEncounters.com said it has seen a surge in members and non-members logging on from mobile devices in the last week.

It suggested that UK citizens stranded overseas are using their mobile phones to keep themselves amused.

“Those stuck in airports across the world will be looking for the most stimulating, exciting thing they can get away with on their mobile,” said the site’s chief executive Adam Scott.

“What’s more exciting than the idea of having an illicit affair?”

Of course those that do spend their time overseas organising extramarital liaisons may have some probing questions to answer once they return home.

Perhaps the safer option would be to send sex texts to their partners, or perhaps make a sex toy purchase online and have it delivered to their home address.

It will certainly make the journey back to the UK a little more exciting if they know what’s waiting for them.

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