Vibrators not men now getting wood

It’s always a nice surprise when you other half shows he’s got some "wood" but now sex toys could also boast the same credentials.

An American manufacturer has apparently branched out, introducing the first ever wooden vibrator to the world.

Under the aptly coined brand name of Treeze, the device will feature all the usual functions as well as being made phalate free, hypo-allergenic, nonporous, waterproof and, most-importantly, splinter free.

The toy will be developed using a unique hybrid material of wood and urethane, which its creators say is not only more environmentally friendly but is also more hygienic.

Chemicals such as phalates that are used in some sex toy manufacturing have been linked to certain illnesses, which Treeze hopes to de-root.

Going green is a big growth market and now the trend seems to have penetrated the adult toy industry, which will be good news to eco-conscious consumers.

And if you decide to update your kinky collection, there are plenty of options to recycle sex toys through internet-based schemes, just make sure you don’t undo all the good work by throwing your batteries in the bin.

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