Valentine’s Day texts get raunchy

Valentine’s Day may be marketed as a romantic celebration of love, but for many people it’s also an opportunity to spice things up.

According to a new survey by, there will be plenty of raunchy text messages flying around on February 14th as couples tell each other their deepest desires.

In true 21st century style, one fifth of Brits will be shunning traditional cards and sending Valentine’s Day text messages, emails and ecards instead. Some will also be sending their loved one a message via a social networking site.

But it won’t be soppy verses they’re sending. One quarter of those communicating digitally plan to send an explicit message to their partner on February 14th.

Couples who’ve lost count of the number of Valentine’s Day celebrations they’ve enjoyed together could use sexy text messages to keep the spark alive, according to sociology professor Dr Pepper Schwartz from the University of Washington.

She told that increasing numbers of over 50s are sending dirty texts to their partners and insists it can be a great way to “get the hormones going”.

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