Usual (and UNusual) uses for your favourite lube

Lube is perhaps one of the most straightforward things that we sell here at It’s lovely, slippery stuff that you rub on your junk (or someone else’s) to enhance sexual pleasure, make it easier to use certain sex toys, and generally have a slightly-more-excellent time.

Usual things you can do with lube

When we think of lube, often we’re thinking of the most obvious applications for it:

– Vaginal dryness. Whether it’s the menopause, some aspects of SSRI medication, tiredness or other things, it’s not always easy to create a knicker-based waterslide at the drop of a hat. So lube can help to smooth things over if you want to have sex but you don’t want the possibility of discomfort or pain.

– Anal sex. Attempting anal play without any lube whatsoever is like attempting to climb Everest without support. Sure, it might be possible, but it’s wholly undesirable and often downright dangerous. And no, spit doesn’t count. I’ve learned this latter part the hard way.

– Hand jobs. If you have a foreskin, then hand jobs without lube might be fairly standard for you. But for people who are circumcised, lube of any kind is often not just preferable but a downright necessity – it prevents chafing and rubbing on the head, and besides… I have it on good authority that it feels pretty excellent as well.

So these are the things we’d generally think of when talking about lube. But there are other uses for lube too – ones that range from the sensible to the downright bizarre…


Unusual things you can do with lube

– Massage oil. Yes, technically you can buy separate massage oils and candles, and if you’re really into your erotic massage then you probably want to have a set of different flavours/scents on standby. But if you just decide that you need a massage (or someone else does and you want to treat them) then a good handful of your favourite lube will work almost as well as anything you get at the spa. And for a much lower price than posh Covent Garden stuff any day of the week.

– Cocktail flavourings. We’re moving into ‘unusual’ territory here, but bear with me: organic, flavoured lubes are safe to eat. And because they’re safe to eat some people have taken the challenge to a pretty exciting place and started making flavoured lube cocktails. Just a few drops of your favourite flavours, mixed and shaken with a drink of your choice over ice and: voila! Delicious cocktails flavoured with sex juice. I’ve tasted some before, and I can tell you that although perhaps not up to the standards of a mojito at the Ritz, they were much tastier than you think they’d be.

– Hair serum. I guarantee you, not only do people really do this – it actually works! A tiny drop of silicone lube, rubbed between your hands and then run through your sexy locks, can help to prevent flyaway hair and frizz. This isn’t just a rumour that’s been going around beauty websites for years (although it has), it’s also a top tip that I’ve experimented with myself. You can end up paying over a fiver for a decent bottle of hair serum, but if you’ve got some silicone lube in a drawer it’ll do just fine. Go on – you’re worth it. While we’re on the subject of beauty, I have also heard of some people using certain kinds of lube as moisturiser for patches of dry skin, or to protect their nipples from chafing when they run. I haven’t tested either of these though, so you’ll have to be the judge of effectiveness here.

– DIY hacks. Got a screw that just won’t come loose? Or a hinge that’s being irritatingly squeaky? You could either haul yourself all the way down to the local hardware shop to pick up some WD40 or if you’re a lazy DIY-er like me, you could rummage in your bedroom drawer and grab the nearest bottle of lube. I’m not telling you it’s a long-term solution, but a drop or two of lube works in a pinch to unstick some of your home improvement snags.


Weird? Yes. But helpful? Hopefully! We pride ourselves here on bringing you the weirdest yet most helpful sex toy news from around the web, and tips from inside our heads. If you’re shopping today (24th November), you can get a FREE bottle of Lubido anal or Lubido hybrid lube when you spend £20 or more, and if you’re shopping after that then head over to our sale page to see the latest offers on lubricants and other essentials. After all, you can guarantee it’ll come in handy – whether in or out of the bedroom!

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