Ultrasound contraception for men on the way?

It was recently reported that a male pill was going on trial and now another form of contraception for guys is being examined.

Scientists in the US believe that blasts of ultrasound could be used to halt sperm production for a temporary period.

A team from the University of North Carolina have been carrying out early trials in the hope of creating a reversible form of contraception for men.

They claim that once existing sperm reserves have been used up, a man who undergoes an ultrasound treatment will be infertile for up to six months.

Fertility will then return to normal once treatment is stopped.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has offered a grant of $100,000 (£68,000) for the research, which will now allow further trials to go ahead.

If they prove successful, couples could have even more options when it comes to birth control and which partner will be responsible for it.

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