UK singles taking pessimistic attitude to love

Many UK singles are adopting a pessimistic outlook when it comes to finding someone special, new research shows.

According to a survey by online dating service PARSHIP, three quarters of single people in the UK have been on their own for more than 18 months.

Just over half have not had a significant relationship in more than three years.

However, many of these think they will have even longer to wait before they find a new partner.

Indeed, four out of UK singles don’t expect to meet anyone special within the next two years.

Bianca Mercer, UK and Ireland manager at PARSHIP, said a pessimistic attitude could actually hamper the search for love.

“If an individual believes that their chances of finding a partner are slim and that they can only rely on fate or chance encounters to meet someone then it follows that they will be less likely to take fate into their own hands and start actively dating,” she explained.

Previous research from PARSHIP showed that half of all single people in the UK have used online dating in an effort to meet new people.

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