UK couples to spend £5bn this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, men and women across the UK will be planning special evenings with their partners.

According to a new survey by Yorkshire Bank, it could be a costly affair, with couples planning to spend almost £5 billion collectively on their other halves.

The average amount spent per couple will be £550, although it will be women who fork out the biggest amount.

While guys plan to pay for dinner, wine and flowers, girls intend to spend money on new outfits, haircuts and beauty treatments to make sure they look their best for their partner.

That’s not to say that all couples will be splashing the cash this Valentine’s Day, as some men are simply planning to rent a DVD and buy a takeaway for their lady.

Of course there is one way that couples can enjoy a Valentine’s Day to remember without breaking the bank.

They could simply log onto and purchase a few gadgets that will ensure their evening is buzzing.

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