Two-thirds of women suffer FSD

Almost two out of every three women suffer some form of female sexual dysfunction (FSD), according to a new study by scientists in the US.

The team, from a urology clinic in New Jersey, found that lack of desire is the main problem, cited by 47 per cent of ladies questioned.

Some 45 per cent said they have trouble reaching orgasm, while 40 per cent have difficulty becoming aroused and 39 per cent reported a lack of satisfaction.

Problems with lubrication and pain during sex were also named as contributory factors by 37 per cent and 36 per cent of women respectively.

The research showed that the problems get worse in five out of these six categories as women get older.

Once ladies hit the 55 to 70 age range, some 77 per cent experience a lack of desire and 66 per cent find it difficult to climax.

“FSD can have a major effect on women’s quality of life,” said lead study author Dr Debra Fromer.

“Self-esteem, sense of wholeness and relationships can be seriously and adversely affected, exacting a heavy emotional toll.

“That is why it is so important to ensure that problems are identified and tackled wherever possible.”

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