Turkey a holiday fling hotspot

If you’re after a summer fling then you should perhaps book a break in Turkey, as a new survey has shown that it’s a holiday romance hotspot.

According to research carried out by online travel agent On the Beach, Turkish men are the most flirtatious, even beating the Spanish.

Indeed, 34 per cent of ladies polled by the company said guys in Turkey are more amorous than those in other countries.

However, if you’re after a man with impeccable manners, then you should perhaps head to Spain instead, where men were said to be the most polite.

What if you just want sex? Then Italy is the place for you. Respondents to the survey said Italian stallions are sex mad.

According to another survey carried out earlier this year by travel agent www.Tenerife.co.uk, a third of people have more sex when they’re on holiday because they feel more relaxed.

A quarter of those questioned said wearing swimwear and skimpy clothing gets them in the mood for nookie.

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