Trying for a baby? Then get out of the bedroom

If you’re trying to conceive, you’re probably spending hours in the bedroom having as much sex as you possibly can.

But according to a new survey carried out by the Baby Show, you may increase your chances of conception if you do the deed elsewhere.

Of all the babies that are due to be born this year, almost half were conceived outside of the bedroom, Grazia magazine reports.

One in ten women claimed they had fallen pregnant while having sex in a car.

When you choose to get jiggy seems to be as important as the location, with most babies being made on a Saturday evening.

And if you really want to boost the likelihood of pregnancy, then book a holiday, as the research shows that ten per cent of tots were conceived abroad.

According to, research has shown that having an orgasm during penetrative sex can boost a woman’s baby making chances.

It claims that the muscular contractions that occur during climax help to carry the sperm further into the womb.

So if you’re hoping to fall preggers, why not invest in a nifty finger toy to help you achieve the big O?

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