Toyboys turn back time

Dating a younger man can knock around four years off a woman’s age, according to a new study by the dating website

It showed that women who have younger boyfriends consider themselves to be younger at heart than those dating or married to older guys.

More than half of so-called cougars said their younger man’s energy had rubbed off on them, with three in ten enjoying more outdoor activities and a similar number spending more time in pubs and nightclubs.

Almost half of those questioned said they feel younger than friends of a similar age who are dating or married to older men, while six out of ten would encourage other ladies to bag themselves a toyboy too.

Mel Kirk, a spokeswoman for, said: "Whether it means you go out more, dress differently or try new things you wouldn’t normally have done, it seems having a younger man is the answer."

A separate survey carried out by online dating website Parship last year showed that one-third of British women in their 40s and 50s would date a man five or more years their junior.

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