Top Bedroom Boosters Revealed!

Brits-a-plenty are looking for ways to heat up their bedroom endeavors.

If you’re lacking a certain lustre, perhaps thinking outside the box is the best way to bring something new to the table!

According to research carried out by online pharmacy UKMedix, a number of non-medical methods to improve sex are very popular with couples.

The survey included 1,712 participants, ages 18+ and in cohabiting relationships. When asked – ‘Have you ever used any ‘special’ methods to boost your sex life with your current partner?’ more than 62% respondents said ‘yes’ and their brazen boosting methods were noted as follows:

Role Playing – 35%
Sex Toys – 34%
Exhibitionism (loud/ outdoor/ public sex) – 28%
Celibacy / ‘Sex Breaks’ – 25%
Open Relationship/ Threesome – 21%

Strangely enough, apparently 19% of the role players divulged that their partner impersonates their favorite celebrity. Each to their own, but we can’t fully understand this statistic!

However, seeing that playing dress-up is top of many peoples’ lists, lets take a look at our top bits and pieces to make your fantasies come to life:

This Sex & Mischief Masquerade Mask lets you mystify your lover and entice them into a boundary-less bedroom fantasy! Place it over your eyes and instantly feel confident and decadent.

Be the ultimate maid…be The Maid. This classic, quality set allows you to bring your man’s ultimate fantasy to life!

Be a new woman…or woman in the Aubrey Pleasure Wig! This mid-length wig will disguise the real you and let you become whoever you desire.

Take a look at our other costumes for some real inspiration!

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