Three things I’ve learned from going to sex events

You walk in the door, not sure whether you’re over- or under-dressed, but when you get inside you realise it’s so fun you couldn’t care less… Welcome to the world of sex events (and a discount code we scored for one, just for you!).

First thing’s first – if you’ve been tempted by past blog posts about sex events, or by any of the fun things I’m going to explain below, then please get yourself down to the UK’s next big sex event: Sexpo. It’s held in London’s Olympia on the 13th-15th November, and there’ll be more than enough there to keep you entertained for one long sexy weekend.

If you use the code ‘SexToys20’ you’ll get 20% off your ticket, and if I were you I’d use the money you save to buy something hot from one of the many stands you’ll find when you get there.

Now, onto the nitty-gritty: I’ve been to a fair few sex events in my time. It comes from having a curiosity about shagging that rivals that of a colony of rabbits, and a fair few friends who are kind enough to accompany me. Whether it’s fetish events, shows, or jam-packed exhibitions like Sexpo, there are plenty of things I’ve learned from sex events that have done me well in life. Here are my top 3:

3. Sex events are like clubs – they’re way more fun with more members

Most clubs have a certain element of exclusivity – the people within them will want to keep out the ‘riff-raff’, which means that people like me who are a bit shy and nervous are often put off from coming and joining in. Not so with fetish. From the first ever event I went to (a market where you could buy anything from riding crops to ball gags and corsets) I realised that there’s an overwhelming desire within most fetish communities to be evangelical about their passions and kinks.

It may look intimidating, especially if people are dressed more ‘extreme’ than you are, but I promise you that at any given fetish event, there’ll be plenty of people who are happy to show you the ropes. So to speak.

2. Always bring your credit card

I know, I know, you may be a sexual MoneySavingExpert, and have set a strict budget for yourself about what you will and won’t buy. But my first fetish event taught me that those budgets go straight out of the window when you see something so beautiful you just have to have it.

The last big sex exhibition I went to in London, I intended to spend no money at all. Then my eyes were opened by all the beautiful things, and I went home £200 poorer. But the toys and sexy boots I bought? Totally worth it.

1. Watch the shows!

Most exhibitions have a combination of stalls, shows and workshops: Sexpo is no different. From workshops on spanking and BDSM tolingerie shows and burlesque – there is bound to be something that tickles your fancy. The first time I went to an event I was a bit shy to join in with the workshops, but at the second one I went to, I threw myself into a couple, and learned more than I ever thought there was to learn about shooting sex tapes at home.

If only my other half had let me put it into practice…

If any of the above has tempted you, then what are you waiting for? Head to the Sexpo website and grab your tickets. Using the code SexToys20, day tickets are just £21.50, or you can grab a ticket for the whole weekend for £43.00. Bargain.

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