There’s a good Vibe in San Francisco!

San Francisco was all a-buzz last week with the grand opening of The Antique Vibrator Museum. Paying homage to vibrators past, the museum is designed to showcase kinky collectibles from the late 1800s to the 1970s as well as explore the history of health and sexuality between 1890 and 1970, according to curator and sexologist Carol Queen.



“The new exhibit contextualizes the vibrator’s role in society and highlights how our attitudes around sex and female pleasure have evolved,” Queen said. “It really gives us an appreciation for how far both society and technology have come.”

The museum showcases vibrators collected since 1977 by the proprietors of Good Vibrations, a sex shop with five locations in San Francisco, the museum being at the back of one of them. Visitors are treated to tours lead by Dr. Carol Queen which cover the invention and functions of early vibrators, and displays countless vintage exhibits.


Good Vibrations’ founder, Joani Blank, collected antique vibrators for over 20 years, which prompted their customers to begin sending in the vibrators they found at flea markets and their relatives’ estates. Dozens of styles of electric vibrators, just like those in the exhibit, were available at one time to the discriminating medical professional and very shortly thereafter, to home consumers as well.


An excellent tourist attraction as well as historical collection; the lifeline of the woman’s massager does well to highlight the development of the use, design, function and marketing of one of the most important gadget in any gal’s top drawer today! Just as the products have developed over time, so too has the adult novelty industry and the way that products are now produced, advertised and sold. All very interesting for those in the industry and out.

All I can say is; I know where I’ll be going next time I’m Frisco bound!


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