The sex appeal of the States

Having sex with an American could be the most attractive option, a new survey suggests.

A recent review of the Top 20 Best Looking Nations by revealed that Americans are the most gorgeous people in the world.

The top ten featured the Latino lovers of Brazil and Spain, the frisky French, saucy Swedish, Italian Stallions, intimate Indians, Kinky Canadians and the Aussies who we all know enjoy life down under.

We fit Brits ranked in at a heavenly number seven, but our neighbour’s didn’t fair too well. While Ireland found 13 was their unlucky number, Wales only reached 16th and Scotland only just cut the mustard at number 19, beating only the Germans who won last place.

A spokesperson for gave a clear piece of advice for British thrill seekers: ”If you’re looking for some fun in the sun, you now know where to head on holiday.”

America’s attractive award comes despite the nation having the highest rates of obesity anywhere in the world. According to, 30.6 per cent of US citizens are clinically obese.

If you like your loving big and beautiful this will be fine, but if you want your sexual partners to be streamlined, then Korea and Japan faired most favourably, with just 3.2 per cent of residents topping the obesity scales.

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