The Great British Sex Survey – what did you think?

The results are in for Channel 4’s Great British Sex Survey. I’m here to give you the lowdown on some of the top fetishes listed in the programme – and where to buy the kit!

Did you watch the Great British Sex Survey last week? If not, it’s worth watching the show on catch-up to see some of the cool people who were happy to chat about their fantasies with the film crew. The premise of the show was that Channel 4 had conducted a big survey to find out what the UK’s most popular fetishes were, then they interviewed some fetishists about each topic to find out why they were such a turn-on.

The people featured in the show were awesome -from the guy who made his own latex costume to a very enthusiastic splosher (see below!). If I’m honest, though, some of the ‘fetishes’ were things that I’d probably not have put into that category: taking naked selfies, threesomes and … *drum roll* … sex toys!

Yep, you saw that right: the top ‘fetish’ in the UK is for sex toys! Like I say, I’m not sure it counts as a ‘fetish’ exactly, but I’m certainly chuffed that sex toys are so popular, given the sheer variety and quality of sex toys on the market today, I’d be gutted if they were left to languish unused at the bottom of people’s bedside drawers.

According to the programme, one in every three UK adults uses sex toys. Top work, Brits, we salute you. But let’s see if we can push that figure up a bit in 2015, eh?

With that in mind, here’s the rest of the top 10, along with some suggestions of toys that’ll help you explore each fetish.

  1. Sex toys – there’s a world of possibility at your fingertips, but we recommend you check out the best sex toys and sex toys on sale to get started!
  2. BDSM – if you’re into restraint, pain, and power play then look no further than the amazing bondage equipment.
  3. Sexy selfies – browse the lingerie for a bit of inspiration for your next sexy selfie outfit. Or if you mainly like to look at sexy selfies and videos, you might like to try out this nifty Fleshlight launch pad – hands-free ‘browsing’!
  4. Threesomes – is this really a fetish? Does it count as a fetish if most people would want to have a go at it if given the opportunity? Whatever. The key thing with a threesome is to make sure you’re all safe and happy – stock up on essentials like condoms and lube.
  5. Material fetishism (e.g. latex, rubber) – whether it’s for your partner or yourself, we’ve collected all our latex, PVC and rubber clothes together in one place.
  6. Uniforms – who doesn’t fancy a guy or girl in a smart and sexy uniform? Check out the costumes section for a variety of sexy uniforms.
  7. Humiliation – the bondage section is your friend here for all the hoods and masks you might need. If you watched the programme and were intrigued by the electro-shock unit used by the excellent Mistress Absolute, then you might like to check out some other electro products – these shock gloves, for example, which can be used during foreplay.
  8. Foot fetish – sadly (or, rather – happily) we don’t sell feet. But what we do sell is a selection of gorgeous ankle cuffs: perfect for restraint or decoration.
  9. Watersports – as the programme presenters explained, watersports (also called urolagnia or ‘piss play’) is perfectly safe to do between healthy, consenting adults. It’s also, to my mind, incredibly fun. If you’re worried about the mess then pick up a PVC sheet to put down to save your John Lewis cotton!
  10. Cross dressing – there are so many options here we wouldn’t want to limit your imagination. But check out the clothing section, and especially corsets and body stockings – great fun to wear, and look beautiful on people of any gender.

Phew! That was quite a rollercoaster. From things-which-aren’t-fetishes to things-which-are-so-hot-they-make-me-swoon. Are there any things you’d have liked to see on this list? We just hope that the UK keeps on being kinky. After all, if there was one thing we learned from the programme it’s that no matter what you’re into, you’re probably not alone!

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