The French not so amorous

They are said to be some of the most romantic people on the planet, but it seems the French are not quite as amorous as they’d have us believe.

According to a new survey by the Institute for Public Opinion, more than three-quarters of French couples have admitted to having  bad sex lives and almost half of the respondents  said they simply had no desire for sex.

Almost one-third of women said they often used excuses like headaches and tiredness to get out of nookie with their partners and nearly one in six men said they did the same.  The  presence of children in the house was also named as a common excuse not to get down and dirty.

Commenting on the findings, gynaecologist Dr Sylvain Mimoun said: “Clearly French people have sexual problems they are not being open about.”

However, things aren’t completely rosy in Britain’s bedrooms.

According to a survey carried out earlier this year by the Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine, just 22 per cent of UK women and 16 per cent of men claim to be  very happy with their sex lives.

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