The Air Sex championships: could you be a contender?

Our friends over in the States have some of the best – and weirdest – competitions going, but I think I’ve stumbled across my favourite. In November, Texas will host the finals of the World Air Sex Championships.

What is Air Sex? Well, you’ve heard of air guitar – this is like that but sexier, funnier, and with less Led Zeppelin.

Contestants step up on stage in a variety of different costumes and levels of undress, then proceed to perform the most erotic, exciting, and entertaining sex they’ve ever had… with thin air.

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I love this idea so much, and not just because I get to watch guys writhing around on stage like they’re humping an invisible ghost.

There are lots of things you do while you’re having sex that you wouldn’t necessarily think about. From strange faces, extreme tongue movements, and odd positions and contortions, this competition highlights all those details and more.

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It’s a cross between eroticism and comedy, and it shows us just how weird we often look when we’re shagging. But unlike many sex competitions or contests (think the tedious ‘Miss World’ or any other beauty pageant that focuses on how well you conform to a particular body ‘type’), the Air Sex World Championships looks like it has a diverse and delicious range of entrants. After all, when it comes to having sex with thin air, there’s quite literally nothing in your way.

If you want to know who my favourite is, though, it’s this guy:

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So that’s all the good news. The bad news is that, unfortunately, the ‘World’ Air Sex Championship is a bit like the ‘World’ series of baseball, in that it’s not really a worldwide thing yet. Although the creator is really keen to come and do some Air Sexing in the UK, I can’t find anywhere online that you can enter right now. Still, on the up-side, you can always practise in your bedroom for the inevitable moment when Air Sex comes to a pub or club near you. Check out their documentary trailer for some inspiration, and start picking your best moves.


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