Tantric Pop Art: The Works of Julian Murphy

Forget about the Pop Art you once knew, Lichtenstein with his crying women and Warhol with his cans of soup…it’s all about Tantric Pop Art!

Artist Julian Murphy says “Your Most Erogenous Zone is your Mind!” and he’s not wrong. We’ve all seen and see images which evoke sensuality and sexuality, be it in conventional artistic pieces or even on adverts and magazine covers, our mind really is where the magic happens. We all know that if we’re not ‘feeling like it’ that it’s usually a mind over matter situation, meaning that we need more than just the right body parts to get the bed rocking!

Murphy’s works are all hand-painted using gouache paint and an airbrush and are all connected by some form of BDSM with underlying connotations of chastisement and forced pleasure. Their angular composition makes for a very interesting play on dimension and placement of the main protagonist in each piece.

Murphy is the former ‘Senior Art Director‘ of the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami Beach and is also the creator of Erotic Signature’s ‘World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today’ annual competition.

Murphy manages to successfully fuse art and eroticism visually, and considering the subject matter of most of his works are quite risque, he does so without the art becoming vulgar.

Murphy creates his works with the assumption that eroticism is the stimulation of the brain and not our private parts, using a very unique technique and style to convey this school of thought. He manages to combine illusion, humour, eroticism all within a chart axis that is personal. The result is quite interesting from a creative point of view, our mind is a little constrained by anything that approximates “sex”, with each of us will see a little what he want.

The above erotic sculpture and erotic Russian Dolls were produced for Julian Murphy to his designs (above photo). The erotic Russian Dolls are now the property of the Erotic Art Museum in Hollywood, California, where they are part of the permanent collection.

To contact the artist or for more information, click here.

Photo Sources: EroticArtists.org, BryanRawlings.com

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