Talking about sex ‘bigger relationship milestone than meeting th

Having a frank discussion about sexual health is the surest sign that a new relationship is serious, the findings of a new study suggest.

According to research carried out in support of the new ‘Chlamydia – Worth Talking About’ sexual health campaign, 70 per cent of young adults regard having an honest talk together over the issue of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as the most important indicator that a relationship will last.

In comparison, 66 per cent stated that meeting the parents remains one of the biggest signs that a partnership has legs, while being introduced to friends or offered more wardrobe space in a new partner’s house were also cited as proof that a relationship is more than just a short-term fling.

However, the study also found that one in four of all young adults in the UK feel too embarrassed to talk to a new partner about sexual health and contraception matters.

Commenting, Dr Catherine Hood, a sex and relationship expert, said: "While many young couples realise the significance of being able to talk openly about accepting tests for STIs, sheer embarrassment is preventing them from doing so, and potentially risking their sexual health as well as the future of their relationship."

This comes just days after British swimming champion urged the nation’s men to overcome their shyness and go to their doctors should they have any sexual health worries.

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