Take Lady Gaga’s advice and carry a condom in your purse

Eccentric pop star Lady Gaga is using her fame to raise awareness of safe sex by fronting a new campaign.

She has teamed up with cosmetics brand MAC and their AIDs fund to promote a new lip colour called Viva Glam, the proceeds from which will go to the cause.

But the 23-year-old songstress said she doesn’t just want women to buy the lipstick to give money to charity.

“I want it to be a reminder when you go out at night to put a condom in your purse right next to your lipstick.

“Let’s be strong women together,” she urged. “You put that condom in your purse and you save you own f**king life.”

Lady Gaga said she recently had an HIV test and encouraged her fans, who she calls her “little monsters”, to do the same.

It’s not the first time that the Poker Face singer has sought to spread the safe sex message.

Attending the Accessories Council Exchange awards in New York last year, she insisted that a condom is the ultimate accessory.

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