Survey gets between the sheets in the UK’s bedrooms

A new survey of sexual habits has lifted the lid on what really goes on inside the bedrooms of UK couples.

The Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine polled almost 2,000 readers to find out how happy people are with their sex lives and how often they have intercourse.

Among the most notable findings, it revealed that married couples have sex nine times a month on average.

It also showed that 32 per cent of women always orgasm during sex, while 34 per cent sometimes do and six per cent never climax.

When quizzed on their sexual satisfaction, some 22 per cent of women said they were very happy with their sex lives, compared to 16 per cent of men.

The survey also confirmed that men think about sex more often than women, with 28 per cent of guys claiming they have sex on the brain at least every hour compared to just four per cent of girls.

Perhaps this is because ladies have their minds on other things, like shopping.

A survey carried out in December by fashion website MyCelebrityFashion found that women think about shopping three times more often than the think about sex.

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