Survey busts the long legs myth

The long-held belief that men find long-legged women most attractive has been ousted by a new survey.

According to a team of researchers, blokes actually prefer a girl with a normal leg-to-body ratio, the Daily Mail reports.

In plain English, this means they like women whose legs account for half of their overall height, rather than those with legs that go on forever.

The researchers, from the University of Westminster, asked more than 1,000 men to rate the attractiveness of a number of images of women.

In some of the pictures, the legs were lengthened in relation to the torso, while in others they were shortened, although the average height was kept the same.

On average, men preferred women with mid-length legs to leggy types and the researchers said this may be a subconscious choice.

For example, a woman with very long legs and a small torso may find it more difficult to carry a baby than a women whose body is in proportion.

Of course all of this means nothing if your bloke is a breast man!

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