Sunbathing gets guys in the mood for sex

As if there weren’t enough excuses to book a holiday in the sun, a new study has found that sunbathing can boost a man’s sex drive.

According to scientists at the Medical University of Graz in Austria, exposure to sunlight causes vitamin D levels to rise, which in turn increases testosterone.

They found that men with more vitamin D per millimetre of blood have much higher levels of the male hormone in their bodies than those with less.

Of course the higher the testosterone levels, the higher the sex drive, as the hormone is responsible for the development of the sex organs, sperm production and the controlling of sexual desire.

The researchers discovered that, unsurprisingly, vitamin D levels, and thus testosterone levels, fluctuate during the year, falling in October as the dark nights creep in.

So there you have it – a winter sun holiday could do more than just give you a much-needed break from work at what is for many people a depressing time of year, it could also do wonders for your sex life.

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