Summer Holiday Exposé

Get some fun in the sun with a holiday from heaven!

Luxurious sex getaways are taking holiday makers by storm. Not for the faint hearted, the aim of these abroad excursions is purely to get laid.

Would you be daring enough to leave your inhibitions at home and embark on a full-on thrills guaranteed week away?  These fabulous holiday makers are seeking instant gratification – whether it’s heading down to the beach to get their rocks off, or at the hotel bar waiting to neck the potential.

Here at, we love anything that incorporates an open mind and attitude. Instantly fascinated by the overt and naughty debauchery, we did a bit of research in attempt to find out what really goes down…

Risque at a regular resort or a purpose built sensual haven? The choice is truly yours.

Resorts such as Spice Lanzarote or Hedonism II offer outlandishly wild adventures. With nudist beaches, clothing optional spaces and swinging experiences, who knows what your holiday will bring! In contrast to stringent attitudes toward loose sexual lifestyles of the past, resorts such as these were created to bring your fantasies to life.

Before taking the plunge and committing to a week of pure indulgence, many UK holiday go-ers are starting off on their usual trips abroad! This way, there’s always the possibility of a week that you’ll never forget (if you’re feeling it). Test the waters – whether you’re single or holidaying with a partner – where and when it feels right.

This is pure liberation at it’s finest. Are you in?

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