Successful flirting may not lead to fun in the bedroom

Men and women will often find that members of the opposite sex are receptive to their flirtations without necessarily sharing their intentions.

According to one relationship expert, being flirtatious will allow people to have a good time while in social situations, but it is important not to misread such behaviour as anything more.

Sue Ostler, who writes Flirt Diva for the Metro, said there are never any guarantees to flirting because people do it for “all sorts for different reasons and with different agendas”.

“We do need to be savvy and dig a little deeper to check that both parties are after the same thing – that’s where good communication skills become crucial to flirting,” she said.

Ms Ostler was speaking after research from the University of Portsmouth revealed that women find men who know how to flirt more attractive during ovulation.

The study also revealed that expert flirters often have the edge over more attractive rivals in finding a mate.

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