Staying slim ‘better than sex’

Women are so desperate to stay slim that many would go without sex if it meant they could keep their figure.

This is the conclusion of a new survey by weight loss programme NutriSystem, which revealed that half of women would rather go without nookie all summer than gain ten pounds.

Around two-thirds of ladies also said they needed to shed some weight in order to feel sexier than they do at the moment. On average, those questioned wanted to lose 23 pounds.

The results are rather ironic, since having regular sex could actually help women stay in shape.

According to a WebMD article, a 30-minute session between the sheets can burn 85 calories, or more if you really go for it.

Have sex three times in a one week and you’ll have worked off that mars bar you ate during your Monday afternoon coffee break.

And it’s much more fun than running around the park after work.

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